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America is in a bad place. Perversion, moral relativism, and corruption seems to govern the actions of men. The American church has lost all influence in a society that is declining in population, moral standards, and the prosperity we once took for granted. This is a call for reformation. To reform something is to look at it’s original design, and to go back to the way it should be. In Jesus’ own prayer to Heaven, He asked that God’s Kingdom would come into Earth as it is in Heaven. Then when He sent the disciples out, He said “Heal the sick and Preach thte Kingdom”. We are called to bring God’s Kingdom into the earth, and that means extending God’s reign into every area of society: Government, Religion, Art and Entertainment, Business, Education, Family and Media. This is a message of hope, and a call to action.

Produced By Matt Finley for The Awakening and Reformation Tour.

United Christians Church is an online church of Biblical and political responsibility and personal accountability to Christ, our risen Lord and Savior. We encourage our dual members to also be active members of their local Bible believing church where they should attend, tithe, and volunteer. We seek to bring our members and visitors into a closer personal relationship with Christ. We desire to speak to current and relevant issues of the day from a Biblical perspective. Finally, we hope to educate members and visitors regarding our nations historical founding documents, including the history and truth behind what has been defined as a, "separation of church and state," and why participation in the public arena (including public service) is fulfillment of the role of membership in the Christian Church.

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